Farm Focus: Cafe Monte Jack

Cafe Monte Jack began in 2016 when two families independently decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Bogota to pursue their agricultural passions. Both families purchased coffee farms in the lush Andes Mountains of Colombia with only a five minute walk between the two. As active neighbors in their community, they discovered their similar journeys and missions, deciding to combine this newfound friendship into something greater, Cafe Monte Jack.

Cultivating Specialty Coffee in the Andes Mountains

The two farms, Finca Los Moros and Finca La Aidea de Maria, stand at 5,700ft and have nearly 40 acres and 37,000 coffee trees of Castillo, Caturra, and Colombia varieties combined. Their continuous education from local co-ops, government sponsored coffee classes, and Nestle provides invaluable industry knowledge about farm management and processing techniques. These resources help combat rural living challenges while simultaneously crafting unique cups of coffee suitable for international markets. Within 7 years of practice Cafe Monte Jack solidified their washed and semi-washed processes coupled with experimentation in anaerobic fermentation and cascara production. As their beans travel more frequently abroad, they’ve selected partners throughout their local state of Risaralda for milling, lab work, and logistics to build a reliable supply chain for exporting.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Community

Rural living in Colombia poses countless challenges for farmers ranging from unreliable telecommunications service to single-access roads frequently blocked by landslides, ultimately hindering opportunities for growth and development. With industry education and connections to foreign markets, Cafe Monte Jack’s mission is to serve as a coffee recruiter utilizing agricultural practices and supply chain resources to help other farmers in their community. Immediately, their goal is to implement more technology into farm operations, from equipment to reliable internet access. In addition, they continue to innovate with processing techniques submitting experimental lots in hopes to receive a Cup of Excellence award. All of their work is showcased on their recently launched Farm Experience Tour, introducing groups of people to the history of Colombian coffee and life on the farm, with future goals of developing this experience into an overnight stay.

With a constant drive for excellence in their work, Cafe Monte Jack is powered by the satisfaction you receive from your cup of coffee. This operation supports two families and numerous workers, with hopes for many others to grow as they have.

Juan and Adrian, Cafe Monte Jack operators.