Our Coffee Lovers Trio consists of 1 bag of each of our Coffee Review rated coffees for $39.95. This offer is only valid thru 11/30/17!
For a limited time only, you’re invited to taste the difference our Unique Selection Process & Small-Batch Roasting makes in producing a truly Awarding Winning Cup of Coffee!

We partner with farmers who grow only the finest coffee beans and harvest only at the peak of ripeness for The Perfect Cup of Coffee…Every Time!

Then our partner farmers carefully grade these beans to our demanding specifications and pack these delicious treasures for the long trip back here to Durango, Colorado.

34 years of experience by our Master Roaster turn these green beans into perfection! All of this careful attention to detail results in phenomenal flavor that can only be achieved by this multi-step process.

We Welcome You To Taste The Difference For Yourself!

The Coffee
We select the finest coffees, harvested at their peak from small independent partner farms from around the globe.
The Roast
Most roasters have a general roast for all or most of their coffees.  Would you cook different cuts of meat to an arbitrary temperature? For us, each coffee has a unique roast profile. The profiles are complex and have phases with varying temperature. Our Master Roaster determines the specific roast profile to bring the coffee’s unique character to life.
Small Batches
Most coffee is roasted weeks or months before “enjoyed”.  Because we roast in small batches to order, our coffee is fresh roasted.
We roast our coffee to order when you order.
We’ve been roasting coffee for 34 years here in Durango Colorado.  We know good coffee.
Join Us
Join us in our journey to appreciate the best coffees at their finest potential. Taste the difference!