Ethiopia Misti Valley



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Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. Kaldi’s goats discovered those beans growing on trees. When the goats started dancing he realized the beans possessed magical powers and brought them back to the Monastery. The Monks, believing they were Devil’s material threw them in the fire. The aroma made them realize their mistake and they removed them from the fire and doused them in water thus the first coffee beverage was discovered. So the legend was told!

Yirgacheffee is one of the famous growing regions in Ethiopia because of the abundance of water. Yirgacheffe is known for its washed coffees but this particular coffee is a naturally processed coffee dried on raised beds for 48 hours and meticulously tended to produce a clean, floral, juicy coffee.

Abdullah Bagersh, a coffee exporter, is at the head of the natural movement in Yirgacheffee in the Misty Valley region. The Bagersh family has been in coffee production for several generations. Adullah himself has coffee processing facilities in Beloya, Idido and Michileand and has perfected the art of producing a clean natural process free of defect.

This Misty Valley is a top grade Heirloom Varietal from the Aricha washing station.

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