3rd generation Jose Maria, with 30 years experience, with help from daughter Natalia and son in law Ronaldo grow, export and import some of the finest coffee from Minas Girais, Brazil.

This extremely well maintained farm was started 16 years ago with a variety of trees. Catuai, Bourbon Red and Yellow, Acaia, and Topazio.

This unique area of Brazil has a great balance of rainfall for growing and dry weather for harvest along with fertile soil. At 1200 meters in altitude the picking begins in June and extends through August. With the dry weather at harvest Jose Maria waits for 60% of the cherries to ripen before the picking begins. 80% of the 2 farms are picked by machine multiple times and the rest handpicked. If 60% of the beans are ripe to begin picking then most of that coffee will become pulp natural. If 80% of the cherries are ripe to begin picking then most of that coffee will become natural. 80% of the farm’s harvest is specialty grade.

Campos Altos the export company owned by the family just completed a brand new state of the art dry milling facility. With 3 vibratory density tables and laser light sorters all of the coffee is thoroughly sorted for quality before export.

In July I had the chance to visit this beautiful farm. I watched the care and expertise of the picking, processing and milling. I also spent time in the quality control room at the dry mill and export facility cupping current crop. I was really excited to cup and pick some of the Red Bourbon for our espresso blend after tasting some flavorful samples with, great body, fig, raisin, and cocoa. The finish lingers on your pallet. I’m happy to have discovered these wonderful people and being able to work with them to bring this great coffee to Durango Coffee Company.