New Release: Para Ela

This just in! We’ve got a brand new bean in stock from José Maria de Oliveira’s Brazilian coffee farms. He and his harvesters hand-pick their coffee to ensure they only select the ripest, most pristine beans. Because of this meticulous picking process, coffee from Señor Maria de Oliveira’s farms is high-quality and hard to beat. So, say hello to our new release: Para Ela Brazilian coffee.

Para Ela — For Her

Para Ela translates to “For Her” and its name rings true. This coffee financially empowers women of Campos Altos, Brazil, where Señor Maria de Oliveira also grows our Brazilian direct trade coffee and the base of our Espresso. So how exactly does coffee result in financial empowerment for women? The harvesting of Para Ela’s beans is done exclusively by women who then earn substantial pay throughout the process.

It takes four months to hand-select and sort Para Ela’s coffee beans. During this time, the women of Campos Altos earn 50% higher wages than the regional average. Furthermore, employee household incomes increase by 85% during this harvesting season. These opportunities for the women of Campos Altos are a direct result of Para Ela coffee. In addition to increasing the economic opportunities for women, Señor Maria de Oliveira hopes to shine a light on the financial disparities of Brazil.

More About the Farms

Señor Maria de Oliveira grows the Para Ela coffee beans in the heart of the first region in Brazil to receive protected Designation of Origin status — Cerrado Mineiro. As the only place in Brazil where the Atlantic Forest meets the soil, coffee grown in Cerrado Mineiro has unique characteristics.

We’ve talked about the importance of climate and soil for coffee growth in Colombia. The same goes for Brazil. The meshing of Cerrado Mineiro’s forest and soil results in an ideal combination of rain and acidity. A cup of coffee grown in Brazil’s Cerrado Mineiro region has flavors you’ve yet to experience.

Para Ela is a deliciously light roast with a good body and juicy mango fruitiness. This micro lot coffee is dried slowly on raised African beds. It exhibits a subtle clean citrus acidity.

You’ll want to get your hands on our limited supply of Para Ela Brazilian Red Bourbon coffee. Para Ela is 100% hand-picked by the women of Campos Altos to further their economic opportunities. By purchasing Para Ela you continue to support the women of Campos Altos and those who empower them.