Finca Retiro del Quisaya and Finca La Merced

Finca La Merced and Finca Retiro del Quisaya is located in San Martin Jilotepeque.

Juan Luis Barrios is third generation coffee farmer who manages the two farms for his entire family which consists of eight aunts and uncles and 25 cousins. Juan Luis’s grandfather planted the first coffee trees in 1912. Some of which still grow in a small section of the farm.

Juan Luis’ approach to manage the farm is unique. To increase revenue from the farm on a more year round basis he has intercropped  Pine trees to use as shade trees for the coffee trees and generate revenue for their sustainable lumber.

Two years ago Juan Luis built his own wet mill on the property to better control the processing of the cherries and uses techniques to recycle the waste into fertilizer to be used on the farm and the water is treated and reused.

African drying beds have been built for more thorough gentle drying of the parchment and more efficient use of the patio space where coffee can be dried in layers over the patio with better air circulation and protection from the weather. Shelf life of the green beans is noticeably increased due to the careful attention the Juan Luis applies to this part of the process.